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Big Bear Inn

On the banks of Black Bear Lake, Canada, there’s a cosy little tavern, far away from people. The Big Bear Inn. It welcomes all forest creatures, big or small, friendly or grumpy, to have some drinks, have some laughs, and enjoy each others company.

Sally Snake enjoys her wine by the campfire, while Marvin Moose is annoyed by the fact he can’t roast marshmallows. They’re always burnt.

Randy & Robby Rabbit finally arrive after a long hike in the woods, to see Ronny hanging out the window, waving at them like a baboon from his room.

The Mallard family is also flying in, Mitch is always last, Morty is right behind Molly and Molly’s already yelling at Douglas, Dawson, Danny, Dallas & Dalton. Those ducks are literally all over the place, irritating the other guests. Eddy Eagle doesn’t like those loud mouth idiots.

Billy Bass is trying to take care of their paddles, but Benny dropped his one in the water. Benny doesn’t care about paddling, he’s been doing that for the past 15 hours in that stupid canoe. He wants to have fun and join the Trashpanda gang!

Terry, Troy, Tucker, Tony and Tommy loudly cheer for Biggy Bear, who’s serving them even more drinks! They already had way too much to drink, but who cares. It’s not like they have to drive or anything. Travis is, as usual, searching for some food in the trashcan, Tanner is trying to get Trip out of the water. Trent is looking for his twin Trenton. Trenton got hit by a car unfortunately. But not just any car. It’s Melvin’s new Fodge 4x4 pickup truck.

Perry Penguin is trying to figure out how the hell they ended up in Canada, while his wife Polly told him to go LEFT 5 hours ago. It doesn’t matter for little baby Poppy, because she stays nice and cold in her little coolbox.

And then there’s Oakley Owl with his newspaper, where there’s an interesting article about how owls can’t read.

Life is good at the Big Bear Inn!


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